Large LED Wall by Tonic

Brose LED Wall from Concept to Show-Live for NAIAS

Brose recently partnered with Tonic to present its brand at a private event for one of its largest industry events, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).  The audience would be automotive executives and engineers from around the world, so, the venue and experience had to be just right.
LED Wall Concept Brose NAIAS16
The concept was to build a 20′ x 74′ structure, 12′ x 30′ of which was  an LED wall.  The design would use well over 100 lights and 2,500+ feet of truss and be set in the atrium of the Rattle Snake Club in Detroit, MI.
Brose LED Wall NAIAS16 2
After concept approval, Tonic handled full production and furniture rental.  The three-day build included the Brose logo LED light sign displaying on the well as well as the 10′ x 8′ light box.  
Brose Light Box NAIAS16
Tonic handled transportation of the display to the event as well as onsite audio, lighting and video.  
Large LED Wall by Tonic
The large, sleek display captured the attention of attendees, telling a compelling brand story.
If you have unique trade show display needs or want to incorporate the bold LED wall into your next exhibit, contact Tonic to discuss some options. 

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