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Tonic Offers Pixel Mapping to Kick Video Up a Notch at your Next Event

Looking for some new video hooks to kick your next event up a notch or two?  Pixel Mapping is a cutting edge video display technique offered by Tonic that is sure to leave your audience breathless. Take a look at the sample videos below and imagine the boundless creativity that can be applied to your brand story.

In just over two and a half minutes, this video called Le Mouvement El L’ Air by Adrien M / Claire B, demonstrates some of the power of sequencing with states, transitions and segmented timelines.

This video provides more raw insight into how the mapping software works.  Imagine designing light plots that come to the stage on a large LED wall!  The sky is the limit with multi-screen, horizontal and vertical soft-edge.

What are you waiting for?!  Let Tonic get started on production for your next Video Pixel Mapping project.  Contact us to discuss a concept.